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The great news is the music is better than ever,' frontman Jared Leto says of upcoming album.
Jared Leto isn't going to let a little thing like a $30 million lawsuit slow him or his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, down. In fact, if anything, it's made them even more prolific.

According to Leto, 30 Seconds to Mars have been hard at work on the yet-to-be-titled follow-up to 2005's A Beautiful Lie, for which they've enlisted the talents of British post-punk producer Flood (Nine Inch Nails, Sigur Rós). Even though there's a $30 million rain cloud looming overhead, Leto said the band's in "good spirits" and that they're "working together as a band better than we ever have before," and are feeling more inspired than they have in years.

"Our only concrete goal is to make something amazing, and something that we're proud of, and something that's fulfilling and challenges us," Leto told MTV News recently. "We really try to just collectively participate in a creative experiment that hopefully ends up being something we're really proud of. But when you're in it, you can't help but be 1,000 percent focused on what's going on in that time. That's why I like making music so much, because it really commands your entire being. It takes all of you. And when you're making it with other people as well, it's a really unique experience. It's really making an actual 'record' of this time in our lives, and it's saying something in creative terms about who and what we are — our thoughts, our fears, our hopes, our dreams."

Leto claims that this new LP is inspired by a number of life experiences he's been through, and that the band has been able to evolve from A Beautiful Lie, making this next record his favorite effort to date.

"We've had this phenomenal experience travelling the world, and as you come into contact with different cultures, different people, you can't help but be influenced by that in some sort of way," he said. "I think this record is about faith, about spiritual matters, and that just happens to be what we're thinking about and talking about in our lives right now. I said when the last album came out that I wanted to destroy the first record, which I think we did. We took a dramatic turn from the first to the second, and I think this new record follows that path. It's exciting to us, and we're really passionate about it."

Of course, the $30 million lawsuit — filed by the band's former label, Virgin Records, back in August — is still pending, and Leto freely spoke about the suit that contends the guys failed to produce three of the five records they were obligated to deliver under their 1999 contract, which the band entered into with the now-defunct Immortal Records.

In 2004, Virgin took over that contract, which the band later "repudiated," claiming that they were "excused from such performance from and after July 4, 2008, pursuant to California Labor Code Sec. 2855 (a)." That law mandates that a contract "may not be enforced against the employee beyond seven years from the commencement of service under it."

"It's our first lawsuit," he joked. "When you have a $30 million lawsuit against you, it's part of your life. Some days you feel invincible, and other days you can be obsessed with it. Some days you can get a little pissed. We've always had a phenomenal relationship with our record company. We have been sued for terminating our record contract, and, really, for exercising our legal right. We've been signed for over nine years now, and under California law, you can't be bound to a contract for more than seven years."

Leto said the band will challenge the filing, because in his opinion, the suit doesn't have legs.

"It's all about fairness," he said. "It's about companies treating artists fairly. It's an age-old debate and, unfortunately, it will probably continue into the distant future. Record companies — and in particular, EMI — want their bands to work for free. They want their bands to work for slave wages. We would do this for free, because we love doing this — but there's a principle there. We feel really confident that this is the right thing to do — to confront this and not shy away, not to be scared, to challenge the status quo. The great news is the music is better than ever. We're making the best album we've ever done."

MTV News ....
Интервью с 30 Seconds To Mars в студии...И прозвучал небольшой отрывок новой песни... :jumping:

скачать -------> http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=7a5f … b212002d07

О_о...моему счатью...нет предела...ура)))... *Томо побрился...слава Марсу*... :D


http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/322622/t … id=1600410

http://thirtysecondstomars.forumsunlimi … pic=313532

информацию взято с сайта www30secondstomars.ru за, что им отдельное и огромное СПАСИБО)))...



Пасибочки за инфу Солнышко, супер...скорей бы всю песню услышать..



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Пасибочки за инфу Солнышко, супер...скорей бы всю песню услышать..

пожалуйста, Солнце...О_о...поскорее бы новый альбом услышать)))... :yep:  :cool:



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поскорее бы новый альбом услышать)))..

о да,..скОрееЕ бы Уже..))))  http://i3.tinypic.com/7xd0dom.gif    http://i19.tinypic.com/6x6r0xc.gif    http://i1.tinypic.com/6u47235.gif



Guitar Center Announces the Six Finalists for the World’s Largest Drum Competition
04/12/2008... :cool:

After months of local and regional competitions held at each of Guitar Center’s 214 stores across the country, the top six undiscovered drummers in the nation...ну и т.д. <-------- http://gc.guitarcenter.com/drum-off-2008/news/

The Grand Finals are on January 10, 2009. On December 2, the Hollywood finals were judged by Shannon Leto and two other drummers...меня переполняет гордостью...класссссссссс...О_о...the most talanted drummer)))... :jumping:  :love:

за информацию...огромное спасибо сайту www30secondstomars.ru ...



Ооо...супер...спасибо за инфу...+1 лови
Никто и не сомневался, что он талантливый... я бы его еще назвала самым талантливым и самым красивым барабанщиком во Вселенной! Он заслуживает этого... http://i1.tinypic.com/6u47235.gif  http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/madhouse/man_in_love.gif



Извените, если пишу не туда, куда надо, но более подходящей темы не нашла. Если кому интересно, то сообщаю, что 27декабря в 21.30 на MTV состоиться повтор церемонии EMA2008(полная версия), в которой марсы приняли непосредственное участие. Спасибо за информацию сайту www30secondstomars.ru



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So, here we are again at the end of an exciting and unforgettable year and ready to start another adventure.

2008 brought us so many wonderful things we never expected and we are so thankful for that. We traveled the world playing shows and more and started working on our new record, which we couldn't be more thrilled about. We are already very proud of the songs and the experience we have had. We've never had a more fulfilling or fun time in the studio and we can't wait to share it with you all….very soon ; )

We hope you all have the best holiday ever and here's to 2009!

Hip hip hooray!!!

Here are some of our favorite things from 2008. If you haven’t checked some of these out, definitely check them out in ’09!

Favorite Books: Finn: A Novel by Jon Clinch, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, The Road by Cormac McCarthy & What is the What by Dave Eggers

Favorite Albums: Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust by Sigur Ros & In Rainbows by Radiohead

Favorite Live Shows: Sigur Ros @ The Greek in San Francisco, The Cure @ The Troubadour in Los Angeles & Portishead @ The Coachella Festival

Favorite Movies: Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, House of Sand by Andrucha Waddington & Earthlings (Documentary)

Favorite Designer: Lina Osterman (Pudel)

Favorite Artist: Banksy

Favorite Foods: Acai & Uncle Eddys Vegan Cookies

Favorite Moment: Obama winning the Presidential Election, which we saw live at the Los Angeles International Airport before boarding our flight to Liverpool for the EMAs.

Favorite Experience(s): Every 30 Seconds to Mars Show & All award shows.

Favorite Human Initiative: Repairing a home for Habitat for Humanity, alongside a handful of our echelon brothers and sisters who bid so generously that H4H was able to fund a second US build...only to later find out that everyone had organized the funding of additional builds (9+ "Houses the Echelon Built" so far!).

Favorite Unusual Experience(s): Visiting the Malaysian Batu Caves and watching the Monkeys drink a can of Coke.

Favorite New Friend: Flood

Favorite Purchases: Our recording equipment with which we're currently recording our upcoming record.

Favorite Charities: Habitat for Humanity, NRDC, Sierra Club and WWF.

And, finally, our Favorite Holiday Card  :crazyfun: (courtesy of Angela & Sabrina):


Wishing you, your friends and your families a happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season.

See you next year!


и перевод канешн... :yep:

Ну, вот мы снова в конце захватывающего и незабываемого года и готовы начать новое приключение.

2008 принес нам много прекрасных событий, которых мы даже не ожидали. Мы путешествовали по миру, давая концерты и начали работу над новым альбомом, который вызывает у нас сильный трепет. Мы уже очень горды песнями, которые записали и опытом, который получили. Мы еще никогда не испытывали такого удовлетворения от времени, проведенного в студии, и мы не можем дождаться момента, когда покажем все это вам... очень скоро :)Мы надеемся, у вас будут лучшие праздники, и вот он, 2009!

Гип-Гип, ура!!!

Вот немного любимых моментов/событий 2008го. Если вы не смогли испытать этого в 2008, сделайте это в 2009!

Любимые книги: Finn: A Novel by Jon Clinch, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, The Road by Cormac McCarthy & What is the What by Dave Eggers

Любиме альбомы: Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust by Sigur Ros & In Rainbows by Radiohead

Любимые лайвы: Sigur Ros @ The Greek in San Francisco, The Cure @ The Troubadour in Los Angeles & Portishead @ The Coachella Festival

Любимые фильмы: Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, House of Sand by Andrucha Waddington & Earthlings (Documentary)

Любимый дизайнер: Lina Osterman (Pudel)

Любимый художник: Banksy

Любимая еда: Acai & Uncle Eddys Vegan Cookies

Любимый момент: Обама выигрывает Президентские Выборы, которые мы смотрели в Интернациональном Аэропорту перед нашим полетом в Ливерпуль на ЕМА.

Любимое переживание: Каждое шоу 30STM и каждая церемония награждения.

Любимая инициатива человека (не знаю, как лучше сказать прим. Sibel): Постройка дома для Habitat for Humanity, самостоятельная организация Эшелона, наших братьев и сестер, которые были настолько щедры, что организовали вторую постройку домов. Они собрали даже больше, чем собирались. ( целых 9 домов!)

Любимый нестандартное событие: Визит в Malaysian Batu Caves и просмотр "Обезьяны пьют Колу"

Любимый новый друг: Flood

Любимое приобретение: Наше звукозаписывающее оборудование, с которым мы записываем наш грядущий альбом.

Любимые благотворительные акции: Habitat for Humanity, NRDC, Sierra Club and WWF.

Желаем вам, вашим друзьям и семье веселья, здоровья и безопасности в праздники.

Увидимся в следующем году!



за информацию и перевод ОГРОМНОЕ спасибо www30secondstomars.ru ... :yep:     [взломанный сайт] 



Круто, очень здорово, но эту открыточку я уже видела.)) Но всё равно лови +!!!!  http://i7.tinypic.com/8aoa0yu.gif



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Солнышко, спасибо огромное!!  http://i19.tinypic.com/6x6r0xc.gif   Супер открыточка))) +1, Мась!  http://i1.tinypic.com/6u47235.gif



Классно...  http://i7.tinypic.com/8aoa0yu.gif  Спасибки...лови +1



Alanochka,лови +1!!!



Аланчик,супер..!!))нет слов))чмок))пасип большуЩее))) +1!! http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/just_cuz/JC_ThankYou.gif 
аааа...Они сказаЛи очЕнь скоРа альбооомчикк!!))))) http://i008.radikal.ru/0801/fc/9b2c4f0faa0a.gif   http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/just_cuz/JC_goody.gif  жду не доЖдуссьь)))))



30 Seconds To Mars win MTV Gold Video Play Award for A Beautiful Lie... :cool:

The MTV Gold Video Play Award has been awarded to the band for their video A Beautiful Lie, to celebrated the video as one of the most played videos on the MTV International Network...




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